Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Dilemma

Three is a special number, right?

So when you have been approached 3 times about doing something, you ought to at least consider it, right?

I've been asked to go on a mission trip that will focus on teaching American language and customs to children ages 6-18. Considering that I hold a certificate to teach English and have experience as a classroom teacher and a homeschool teacher, it seems like a tailor-made opportunity for me.

The only thing I can't get past is the timing of the trip. Because we homeschool, I am their sole caregiver during the day. Mr. at Home works and he has an interest in going on the trip as well. I could ship them down to my parents, but they'll both be working and getting the girls to and from Texas could be problematic anyway. The dates of the trip are late September-early October. It's only for a week and a half, so there ought to be an answer. Maybe I could enroll K in my parents' school for the week and get someone from their church to watch L.

So anyone want to see what it's like to have 2 more kids for 10 days this fall?

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