Friday, March 28, 2008

It's a Wednesday Thing

I love Wednesday nights at our church.


On Sundays, we race madly around the house trying to get parents and children dressed, fed, and in the car.

On Wednesdays, we hang out at home until it’s time to pick up Daddy from the bus stop.


On Sundays, we run through the halls to get kids to their classes where we usually have to wait for a teacher to show up so we can make a dash for the sanctuary and breathlessly sink into our seats only seconds before the service begins.

On Wednesdays, we stroll into the building, grab plates full of fabulous food that I didn't have to cook, and sit down for a leisurely dinner with a table of friends or new people to meet.


On Sundays, we make another mad dash to take the older daughter to her class then power walk to make it to our own class before announcements start.

On Wednesdays, we finish dinner then have plenty of time for the kids to play on the playground before their classes start.


On Sundays, we get only a few minutes of hurried conversation before everyone is ushered out of the classroom to retrieve their children and make way for the next class.

On Wednesdays, we have time to sit and chat with our friends who are also enjoying the relaxed pace of the night.


If you don't go to your church's Wednesday night service, try it. It's a good, good thing.

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