Monday, March 24, 2008

Fun with the grandparents

This time last week, we were soaking up every minute of a short visit by Grandma and Grandad from Texas. We had a blast while they were here, just hanging out and doing the small stuff like a trip to the park and Chuck E. Cheese's. I have the pictures uploaded, edited, exported, and I wanted to share a few.

On Monday, we had a quick, cold picnic at the park and then walked down to the lake. As soon as we walked up to the fence, every duck and 2 geese waddled over as fast as their little webbed feet could carry them in hopes of a few crumbs. We had a blast watching them, especially the way one of the first geese chased off another pair that kept getting in his territory.

Monday night was softball practice and Grandma and Grandad made the trek over to the ball fields with us to watch the almost 2 hour long practice. As if Grandma didn't spend enough time hanging out at the fields with us in our little league days!

Tuesday morning found us at CEC, enjoying the peace and quiet of the whole restaurant to ourselves. Which gave us plenty of opportunity for a few challenges between the "grown-ups" at air hockey, skeeball, basketball, football, and just about every game we could make competitive!

Then Mom and Dad had to leave and they're back in school, getting those post-spring-break kids settled back into the school routine. (I'm sure they'd appreciate your prayers with that.) But that's okay. We'll always have the memories. Of ducks, softballs, and giant mice. Good times.

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