Sunday, March 2, 2008

And there was much groaning and moaning

I don't know if you remember, but spring softball has started. K's first practice was Saturday afternoon, so we repeated the lunch at Bojangles (cause it was mighty tasty last Saturday) before heading to the ballfields.

The first thing I noticed as we found the spot where the girls were gathering is that there's a whole lot more talent and coaches on that grass than last year. Then the head coach had a parent meeting where he explained his strategy for teaching the girls skills and that while he would be positive and supportive, he was fairly competitive. Yep, we've definitely moved up to the good team this year.

The second thing I noticed is that K was dragging like she hadn't slept in a week. She was making *me* tired just watching her sloth-like movements. I finally pulled her aside and told her that if she couldn't put a little more speed and enthusiasm into her play, then I was going to make her run bases after practice was over. It worked for about 3.45 seconds, but she just couldn't get it together. So after practice we went to find an empty field.

Now, I know that it's from a winter of being cooped up inside and not getting enough exercise. But she still needed to understand that if she doesn't put forth any effort during practice, she will have to afterwards. We started with practicing running through first base, but she couldn't *not* slowdown before she reached the bag. So I started running with her to make her keep up. And I ran...and ran...and wanted to pass out...and wanted to be a good example so I kept running.

K's not the only one who's been inactive all winter. After all that exercise yesterday, I can not MOVE tonight. I had all kinds of resolutions Saturday to get everyone moving more this week and I even have a day at the zoo with friends planned for tomorrow, so it looks like I'll have *plenty* of opportunity to work out all this stiffness while feeding giraffes and observing the behavior of lorikeets.

Now if only I can motivate myself to go put together our lunch and pack the backpack tonight.

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