Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Sacrifices of a Mother

Tonight after dinner, K asked if she could make something out of clay.

Sure! No problem! Just remember that you have to clean up anything you take out.

So K finished up a few little projects and reminded me of one tiny fact I forgot. You have to bake this clay.


Of course, she told me this as I was standing in the kitchen just about to pull out the enormous tub of cookie dough and bake up some gooey, warm, chocolatey chocolate chip cookies. And the oven settings were different. So I couldn't bake them at the same time. Phooey.

Then I did what any selfless, loving mother would do. I put the clay in the oven, rationalizing that by the time the clay was done and the cookies were finally baked, K would be in bed and that would leave more cookies for me and Mr. at Home.

Yep, selfless.

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