Friday, February 8, 2008

Do prayers work? Why, yes. Yes, they do.

If you've been down in a well for the past couple of weeks, you may not know that I've been obsessing over a conference. It's fabulous, but expensive. Very expensive in relation to my SAHSM budget. Mr. at Home graciously offered to pay for me to go, but I felt really bad and a little selfish for taking part of his bonus or contract income or part of the tax return when we're trying to get back to debt-free living.

I knew that if it was within God's will that I go to this conference (and I will freely admit that I was trying hard to convince Him that it would be a great idea) that He would provide the funds.

Let's rewind a week or so. I subscribe to a homeschooling newsletter and they sent out an email advertising some openings they had there and at a related publishing company. I have never gotten anything like this from them or anyone else, but the publishing company job seemed interesting and it looked like I was qualified. Heck - part-time, work from home, specifically looking for homeschoolers - of course I applied.

Didn't hear anything for over a week, then I got an email asking if I would be interested in a 2-week contract for a specific project. I immediately made the connection between the job, timing, and the conference. Bingo! It is *exactly* the thing I needed! Short contract where I go to work immediately, fairly easy writing, and it pays enough to cover the cost of the conference.

Can we say "answered prayer"?

Now I can use my writing to pay for a writing conference, and that seems to me the most logical way to do it.

Let me hear an "Amen!"


Angela S said...

That is amazing! I love seeing how the Lord chooses to work.

Marybeth Whalen said...

That is how I have done everything-- tell God about it, then wait for Him to provide. I have never taken from my family to do any of "my" "professional" pursuits. When He provides, I rejoice. And if He doesn't, I know it wasn't meant to be.
So glad you will be at SS this year!!