Wednesday, February 6, 2008

WFMW: Mr. at Home's Favorite Online Store

If you're anything like the normal person, you often find yourself with NO IDEA what to get the males in your life as a gift. Unless they have a huge obsessive hobby that requires lots of accessories, guys can be so hard to buy for.

Instead of grinding your teeth in frustration and finally sending them yet another motorized tie rack, check out ThinkGeek. What guy wouldn't love a palm-sized RC helicopter or a desktop wooden trebuchet, which you find filed under Cube Warfare? Products range from the practical, like this UV Disinfectant Wand, to the merely fun, like these R2-D2 Laundry baskets.

You can score some major points with the men (and boys) in your life by shopping at ThinkGeek. Heck, I just scored some with Mr. at Home by simply telling you about ThinkGeek!

For more fabulous on-line stores, head over to Rocks at My Dryer Works For Me Wednesday.


Chrissy said...

Right there with you about Think Geek. I shop there for my hubby every Christmas and this year we even bought gift certificates for some of our male friends. It's such a great store!

Angela S said...

My hubby gets on there about once or twice a month to look at random things and ends up spending an hour looking at things with our three year old and iming me links.

ttelroc said...

That is so great. I hadn't heard of that site. My husband is hard to buy for and so are his nephews!

I'm #22 this week, come by for a visit! Have a Great Day!

Jane of Seagull Fountain said...

good idea. i think it's great when people have wishlists, makes my life so much easier, though i know there are etiquette concerns there.

anyway. the helicopter thing is cute. my b-i-l gave a remote control helicopter to his son for christmas. of course, dad had to operate it, since his son was 11 months old.

now who was that present for, again?