Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Happy Birthday, L!

Happy birthday to my big 4-year-old!

We had a small, fun, and surprisingly easy art birthday party this afternoon for L and three of her friends. I covered the table with art supplies and let the girls create their own masterpieces. Very low key and it didn't leave me completely stressed out and over-extended. It was also motivation to get the seat of that one chair reattached to the frame, so it was good all around :-)

One mom and I were chatting at the end and the talk turned to our adoption day. I was reminded that somewhere in China today there is a mom whose arms ache to hold the little girl she had to give up when that baby was just 4 months old. She is wondering where her daughter is, what she looks like, and what's she's doing right now. I wish I could send her the pictures from the birthday party and let her know that her little girl is right now happily playing with a whole truckload of great new birthday presents.

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