Thursday, February 14, 2008

Why I love my home

Happy Valentine's Day!!

In tribute to this day devoted to love and it's many expressions (mainly of the chocolate and roses variety), I'd like to tell you why I love where I live.

About 4 years ago, Mr. at Home got a job out here in NC, far away from my home state of Texas. We had long considered a move out here, but it was simply never the right time. Until early 2004 when there was a job opening in a field that Mr. at Home was vastly interested in and uniquely qualified for. After a whole lot of red tape, we finally go the house sold and moved out to our new home state.

My family (including all the very extended relatives) has still never quite forgiven us for moving. And taking the granddaughters away? Yeah, you can imagine how well *that* went over.

But the fact is that moving out here has been a wonderful, fabulous thing for us. Yes, I do miss my family a lot, but there have been so many opportunities that we've been able to take advantage of out here that wouldn't have been possible back in Texas.

1. The mountains - We live within a very short distance from the mountains. We can take off in the morning, tool around on the Blue Ridge Parkway for a few hours, and be home in time for dinner. Mr. at Home has discovered a love of camping and mountain scenery that makes my nature-loving little heart sing :-)

2. The beach - We also live within an easy distance from the beach. It's a bit far for a day trip, but we can easily do a weekend away of sand and surf.

3. Mr. at Home's job - He loves the work he does and he's very good at it. His employer considers him a valuable asset to the company and he's earned considerable professional respect within his field.

I will take a moment here to say that one of the things I love most about Mr. at Home is the way he loves his work, how he's so interested in the subject and the way he's constantly working to solve problems and learn new skills. It's an amazing thing.

4. Mr. at Home's second job - His success in his first job has led to the opportunity to work with a local university as a part-time teacher and consultant. He's also gotten involved in a consortium(?) that works out of the university and could lead to even bigger opportunities.

5. Our Sunday School class - The man who teaches our Sunday School class is a very scholarly, intelligent individual who is a gifted teacher. We thoroughly enjoy listening to him and have learned much. Mr. at Home has recently taken over the position of apprentice teacher and is growing his teaching skills. It's just all around awesome.

6. Homeschooling - When we moved out here, I was frankly amazed at all the families who homeschool. Back in Texas, we knew a few families that did it, but we had never even considered it. Out here there are hundreds of possibilities for classes, activities, and field trips for homeschoolers and it's been a wonderful (well, most of the time LOL) experience for us.

7. Seasons - Did you know there are 4 seasons? Seriously, four distinct seasons with different weather and vegetation in each. Ok, you can kinda see them back in Texas, but they are far more dramatic out here in NC. The first time we went to the mountains in the fall, we were blown away by the beautiful colors and dramatic scenery. At the moment I cannot WAIT for the next few weeks to pass so I can head down to the botanical gardens where I will simply soak in the beautiful colors of spring.

8. Writing - Within the past year or so, I've gotten to know a few Christian writers and speakers. My friend, Marybeth, told me about a writing contest, which led to my first published story, which has created in me a desire to write more. I don't know where that will lead, but I'm excited to watch the journey unfold.

9. SAHSM - I didn't stay home full-time until we moved out here. I did like working and I was definitely addicted to the sense of purpose, independence, and affirmation that came with it. It took me awhile to settle into my stay-at-home role, but I do enjoy being able to focus on my home and family and I love how I have the day-time to get things done and we can simply enjoy the peace and quiet of the evenings without running around all over the place.

It seems this is all the time my kids will give me for quiet reflection and my very messy living room is calling me to get to cleaning. Ah, the joys of a full life!

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