Monday, February 4, 2008

The Cake

Yesterday we finally made it to the local grocery store to order L's birthday cake. Yes, I know, with 3 whole days to spare, I was *on the ball*!

We headed to the bakery and started flipping through the cake book. It was taking me a few minutes to get past the superheroes and trucks, so L got bored and started checking out the rest of the bakery. "Mommy!! Look!!!!!" She grabbed my hand and dragged me to the other end of the counter.

To the towering wedding cake.

Um, no, we won't be ordering one of those for a few more years. By then, I'm thinking she won't get all starry-eyed over a grocery store wedding cake. It'll be the specialty bakery and a few hundred dollars.

Which reminds me, if there's someone out there who was planning to buy L a birthday present and hasn't done it yet, would you please get her a Ken groom doll? She's desperately wanting one for her Barbies to marry.

She spied another cake nearby and got excited again. "I had one of those last year!" referring to the Barbie cake with the real Barbie and cake dress. "But I don't want it again." (Really?) And she ran back to the book where she picked out a pink and purple cake with Sleeping Beauty and Prince Philip dancing at the royal ball.

Maybe I'll save those dancing figurines for her wedding cake.

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Scribbit said...

Oh Lillian is planning out her cake six months in advance and said yesterday she wants a Barbie cake with the doll in it. Thinking ahead she is.