Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas Catchup - The Clan Meeting

Mr. at Home is the youngest of 7 children. One has passed, one is off in foreign lands, one has her own family, and the other 4 all met up in the Georgia mountains the week after Christmas. Two of his sisters, Heather and Leah, flew from Texas and the plan was for us to drive down on Tuesday morning and join them at the home of Mr. at Home's brother, Howard, and his wife Nancy.

Did you get that?

Brother: Howard, married to Nancy (Georgia)
Sister: Heather (Texas)
Sister: Leah (Texas)

Just thought I'd clear up any confusion.

Well, on Monday, I started getting that "about to get a cold" feeling. Tuesday, I wasn't feeling too well, but it wasn't too bad. Unfortunately, K and Dad were feeling a bit sick to their stomachs. We held off for a couple of extra hours and everyone finally felt well enough to make the short trip. Yea!

For dinner Tuesday night, Heather had graciously spent most of the day in the kitchen slaving over lasagna dinner that was amazing. Stacks and stacks of cheese, an enormous pot of sauce, and boxes of noodles.

L helped assemble the lasagna. After all, it's made of pasta and she loves pasta.

Wednesday morning, we piled into 2 cars and we were off on an adventure. The first stop of the day was Babyland General, where the hand-stitched Cabbage Patch dolls are made. I was part of that generation when Cabbage Patch dolls were THE thing to have. It was a huge deal when my uncle and aunt gave me my first one as it was during the huge first rush when you just couldn't find them anywhere. I still remember Isaac Evin in his red checked shirt and denim overalls. So when Nancy said she was taking us to Babyland General, I think a shiver went down my spine.

It's a very impressive building full of doll nurseries and a cabbage patch where a "baby" is "born" from "Mother Cabbage" during a little presentation they do periodically during the day. I couldn't resist getting the girls both dolls. Not the $200+ hand-stitched ones, just some small babies with plastic heads made in China. There were less zeros in the price.

After a long, satisfying visit with the dolls, Howard and Nancy took us out to a wonderful little buffet at a lodge. They had the best fried chicken. We left there for the small "Bavarian" town of Helen, where they transformed all the buildings into a little old-fashioned village full of shops and ale houses. It was such a neat place.

The girls took their dolls with them everywhere. K's doll hitched a ride in her hoodie pocket.

The last stop of the day was at Tallulah Gorge. We walked out to an overlook, then down hundreds of stairs to a suspension bridge. Then back up hundreds of stairs. It was hard work and we laughed at our efforts on the stairs, but it was beautiful!

Look! I made it into a picture again and even got the whole family!

Here's the siblings. Heather, Mr. at Home (aka Will), Leah, and Howard. There's a very strong family resemblance.

Then we went home and had cheesecake for dinner. Could the day have been any better?!

It was a wonderful day and a fabulous visit. I loved all the places we visited and I loved spending time with the other side of our family. Thanks, Howard and Nancy, for hosting and planning and thanks, Heather and Leah, for coming all the way out here to see us!

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Heather said...

Very nice synopsis of the semi "reunion"! I had a grand ole time also. Thank you guys for driving, even though you weren't feeling the best. I hardly noticed!