Monday, January 3, 2011

Surviving the Plague

I have lots of pictures from Christmas break to share, a review to write and post, news and stories and funny moments. But they all took a back seat to the plague that swept through our house last week. I got it first and worst, spending 2 days in bed and two more dragging myself around the house trying to get a handle on the chaos. Mr. at Home and K both got milder versions of it and L just had a runny nose.

My personal theory is that L just doesn't have time to be sick. Because she is never sick. She's too busy moving and shaking and dancing around that the germs can't catch up with her. I can't remember even one time in her whole life that she's thrown up. And she's been here for over 5 years now.

On Saturday I felt well enough to go to the store for more medicine and we had just left the restaurant where we lunched on soup when a terrible thunk heralded the fact that our transmission had just gone out. So my big red van was towed to the service shop and we spent the rest of the weekend at home. I'm currently waiting on the service place to call back so we can see what the damage is.

The thing is that just within the last week or two I had thought of two things I wanted to change about our life. I wanted to be more intentional about what I spend and I wanted to spend more time at home. I hadn't actually prayed about them or made them goals or resolutions or even given either of them more than a passing thought or two, but seems like God was listening anyway and decided to force the issue. We'll have to tighten our budget if we're going to pay for a new transmission or a new car.

Today we've jumped back into schoolwork and housework and activities. Thankfully, we have some amazing friends who came and gave us a ride home on Saturday when the car broke down and they insisted on loaning us a car until we get ours repaired or replaced. I love our friends. That's really how you survive the plague. You have great friends to help you out.

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