Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Losing the War

It's been a battle field in our house since just after Christmas. The enemy arrived without warning and struck a small blow that was ignored for a few days, but then the barrage began in earnest. Soldiers went down on both sides as the skirmishes continued. Ground was lost and won, then the enemy would refocus it's effort on a different flank and the fighting started anew.

Who is this enemy?


Viruses have been running rampant through our family and no one has escaped. A cold, which turned out to be the flu, which turned into croup for the youngest, ran through everyone the past few weeks. Now we're all dealing with a (new? lingering?) cold that has everyone blowing noses and gasping for breath through clogged sinuses.

Oh yes, we're a bundle of fun over here.

Getting back into a routine has been difficult. In addition to the sickies, we've had a major snow and ice storm that closed down everything for almost a week. It kept us home to rest, but it also kept the doctor's office closed when L really needed to see him. Thankfully, it opened and we got the medicine she needed. My outside lights are still up, waiting for a day when I'm feeling well enough to take them down AND they're not coated in a thick layer of ice. Those two things haven't coincided yet.

Things are beginning to look up slightly. We've gotten in 2 days of school in a row this week, so we're already doing better than last week. I've got a roast and veggies in the crockpot for dinner. The kids are back at all their activities. If we can keep this latest cold from developing into anything worse, we might eventually win this war.

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