Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Catchup - Cookies

I will finally actually really post a few pictures from Christmas for those family members who read my blog and want to see pics of my kids. And I'll tell you about our exciting Christmas.

Want to know what was so exciting about our Christmas?

Well, it was a quiet, simple, holiday season. Nothing much planned during the week before Christmas. A little time with friends, dinner out, hanging around the house, a little trip after Christmas Day to visit Mr. at Home's family, then back home to lay around being sick with a cold. The exciting part of our Christmas is how easy and nice it all was.

Since we had all this free time the week before Christmas, I decided to do something I enjoyed from my own childhood. The girls and I picked up some sugar cookie dough. Because we like shortcuts like that. We floured up the countertop, used the Christmas cookie cutters, and baked us some fancy shaped cookies.

But then the real fun began.

As the cookies cooled, I filled bowls with powdered sugar and carefully dribbled and stirred water into them until it came to the consistency of thick paint. The girls added food color to make six different colors, then we took six clean paintbrushes to the table and got busy.

When I tried to do this with the girls in the past, they got bored after only a few cookies, but I guess it had been awhile since the last attempt as they had *never seen this before*. They sat and painted and painted and painted those cookies.

Even dad got in on the fun.

These are my favorite. Mom let each of us kids pick out a few of her cookie cutters for ourselves when we left home and I ended up with these. They're a bear to actually use because they're so detailed. You have to make sure your dough is plenty full of flour and that you coat both the dough and the cutter thoroughly with flour. Then it works just fine. But just looking at them reminds me of sitting at our kitchen table painting cookies exactly the same way as a child.

And then we ate all the cookies. They were incredibly yummy.

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