Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A chance for all you crafty people out there to win something neat

I love to craft.

Yeah, I know, that comes as such a shock.

So this morning when the library was closed, and then the other library was also closed, and we found ourselves across town with time to kill, I decided to wander around the craft store. I discovered a treasure trove at Michael's - a whole aisle devoted to awesome fabrics and craft kits!! It was like the sun shone and angels sang when I discovered the great colors and whimsical patterns on the fabric and the crafty kits and ideas. I'm getting excited again just thinking about it.

I restrained myself and didn't immediately purchase the pattern and fabric for the adorable ruffled backpack. I can't think of a *need* for yet another bag in this house, so I resolved to wait until I thought of a really great project.


I came home to read a blog post by my friend about a quilting DVD she got. Y'all. Those fabrics would make the absolute cutest, most whimsical quilts ever. And she's giving away 2 of those DVDs on her blog. Go. Enter. And then when you win a copy, go to Michael's and buy some of that awesome fabric for your own fun little quilting project. We can even get together and learn at the same time. I've long wanted to learn to quilt and I figure if my friend can teach her little girls using this DVD, it's got to work for me, right?

So go check out the blog at http://broadhorizonsschool.blogspot.com/2011/01/review-giveaway-homestead-blessings-art.html so you can leave a comment and enter the contest.

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