Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas Catchup - Christmas morning

We don't really do Santa around here. I don't really care much one way or the other, but I have to say that it makes Christmas gifts a whole lot easier. We don't have to stick to the whole Christmas morning surprise thing. A couple of years ago the girls got a trip to the American Girl store to pick out their own dolls and stuff and just got their stockings on Christmas morning.

This year the girls big gifts on Christmas morning were things they needed for their activities. They both needed big ticket items and we just made things easier on everyone by getting them for Christmas. It was also a good lesson for them - activities are a privilege, the equipment needed is expensive, and sometimes gifts are things you really need rather than toys you just think you want. The girls had really good attitudes about it all and never questioned it after we told them that's what they were getting.

K ended up with 2 big gifts that she needed. One was a new trumpet. We were renting one for her band class, but she loves playing and practices often, so we bought her a new one since she will be continuing. It's just a very basic beginner trumpet and it ended up costing less to buy than to rent for a semester. She also needed a new glove, so I took her to the store and let her choose a new one. She knew she was getting a trumpet, and she obviously knew about the glove, but she *didn't* know that I had signed her up for a softball skills training course for the next 6 weeks. She was so very excited about that!

L's big gift was new dance shoes. She needed very specific jazz and tap shoes for her competition team, so I took her to the dance store and got them fitted properly. I then sent the girls out to the car while I paid and I managed to sneak in a new, bigger dance bag. The girls would be shocked if they ever knew how many of their gifts I managed to buy while they were with me without them any the wiser. She's already told me a few times that she loves her new dance bag.

The girls both got new Webkinz because they love to play with them and they got new purses filled with a few goodies. K got a new Bible and she had bought her sister a new one. L got a couple toys and clothes and they both got some cool stuff in their stockings. My big gift was a Nook ereader which I l.o.v.e. and Mr. at Home got a box of his favorite cigars.

So it was a very nice Christmas where everyone got something they loved, then we went and had lunch with friends where I didn't take a single picture and just had a great day.

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