Saturday, July 24, 2010

What $18 will buy at yard sales

Thanks to The Nester and her blog showing all kinds of projects to make your home even more cozy/stylish/amazing on a budget, I've gotten ambitious lately.

I've paid a few visits to Goodwill, not just to drop off stuff, but to actually go inside and look around. I bought an end table that was the perfect size for the loft and I painted it. It goes great in our loft.

I picked up a really cute little table in a worn finish at the homeschool yard sale and spray painted it. It's now also in the loft holding a lamp that I needed for light in the corner.

I've been eyeing all the yard sale signs and this morning I took L with me and we hit up a few of them.

Want to see what we got?

Of course you do.

Isn't that an impressive assortment? Guess which thing in the picture was $18.

The biggest purchase was the black cabinet. The mirror is separate and I plan to hang it. My goal is to paint the cabinet and mirror like this and use it in my craft room.

The white piece is now repainted lavender (it's almost done already) and it will go in L's room as a make-up table/desk. I was on the look-out for a desk for her and found this. Is it not perfect for my tiny diva? She's in love with the fact that she can push the mirrors back and it's a desk, then pull them forward and see herself.

The picture frames are going to be emptied and repainted, then hung on the wall like this (there's a picture near the bottom).

The dog bed is...well...just a dog bed. I bleached it and the dog is now enjoying her comfy new spot. Hopefully, she won't decide this one looks tasty and try to eat it like the last one.

So did you figure out what in the picture was $18?

Sorry, it was a trick question. The answer is all of it. I bought everything for a grand total of $18.

Cabinet $10
Frames $5
Dog bed $2
Make-up table $1

I love yard sales!

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Anonymous said...

Well done! We have a dog bed just like the one in your picture.