Monday, July 12, 2010

Post 13 of 100 - Home

Yes, I missed a couple more days. I decided that hanging out with family and friends was more fun (and important) than blogging about hanging out with family and friends. I'll make it up to you by posting some really cute pictures.

First of all, we're home!!!!

I had an amazing time on our trip, but there's nothing quite like sleeping in my own bed. I'm so glad we went. We got to spend more time with our amazing Oklahoma friends and it was so fun to watch all the kids together.

Saturday was the last day of China Camp. We finished up all our crafts and lessons, then we performed a song in Chinese during the Closing Ceremony. My parents brought K back from Texas and came to see the end of camp. The girls in my class thought it was so funny that *my* parents were coming to see the closing ceremony, too!

After the last Chinese baby doll was tracked down and the last glue stick was capped, my parents and several of the families from our adoption travel group all trooped back to the house where we were staying and we had an evening of fun and games and great conversation. The children swam and begged Mr. M to please throw them high into the air.

We had pork roast and pies, which the kids all ate while sitting on the trampoline. Then they took off to the back where they rode the 4-wheeler and go-cart through the mud.

Our friends have a veritable wonderland in their backyard. The kids paused long enough to change back into swimsuits and dive back into the pool to clean off the mud.

The sun had almost set before parents could haul the protesting children out and dry them off before bundling them into cars to take them home.

I think they had fun, don't you?

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