Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 7 of 100 - A good day

Thanks for the commiseration on our car troubles. It's nice to know that people are angry on my behalf :-)

Today the temps stayed mostly in the 70s here with high humidity. Sometimes as high as 100%. Raining when you're camping in the wilderness is the pits because there's nothing to do except huddle in the tent or the car and play cards all cramped together. Raining when you're camping in town just means that you have to make sure everything is put under cover at the campsite, then you go into town and find something to do. Like stop at the dollar store for rain ponchos because the play you're going to that night is an outdoor drama that can't stop for rain. I figured $2 was a good investment in good weather because if I went prepared with rain gear, then naturally it wouldn't rain.

And it didn't, just so you know.

Today was a relax and enjoy vacation kind of day. We got up, picked up donuts for breakfast, bought our tickets for a play, then rode the trolley into town and walked around, getting snow cones and hot dogs for lunch. The girls thought that was a huge special treat.

It started to rain while we were gone so we spent the afternoon running around to avoid the rain, then when it stopped, we played horseshoes.

It's an awesome game for camping. Then we started singing all the songs and chants K's softball team uses during games. We were laughing and giggling and celebrating the very few good shots we made (except Grandad as he is a champion horseshoe player, but that's a story for another time). Finally the girls had enough and they insisted on a swim before dinner in the freezing cold pool water. Whatever. It's vacation and I like to say yes whenever possible.

After dinner, we cleaned up and headed out to the Great Passion Play, an outdoor drama that depicts the last days of Jesus' life. The "stage" is a village built on a mountainside with tons of people involved, animals racing across, and birds swooping through the air. It's a very impressive show.

Now, it's late, I'm tired, and tomorrow is another late night of fireworks following a full afternoon of local activities. If we so choose. That's what I love about vacation. We can do whatever stuff we want and ignore the rest without offending anyone. Like right now. My eyes keep drooping shut, so I'm off to bed. Goodnight all!

Hey, look! I actually made it into a photo!

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