Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Post 14 of 100 - Lack of Motivation

Today I stayed in bed until almost 10am when Mr. at Home announced that they were going swimming and would I like to come along? So I dragged myself out of bed and sat by the side of the pool.

I did manage to drive an hour north to pick up our dog from the puppy sitters. Of course, in order to pick up the dog, we had to unload the car (we even got almost all of it put away!)and vacuum up the cereal Miss L had spilled on the floor of the van. Cindy Jae is either calmer from maturity or depressed about having to come home. She's been quiet since we got back, hasn't jumped on anyone, and hasn't even tried to eat any socks.

Since we got home, I've sat on my bed or in my chair watching movies and TV episodes from Netflix. I have absolutely no motivation to do anything else. I didn't even have the motivation to write this post except to tell you that I have no motivation.

Hey, it's vacation. I'm not supposed to be motivated. Or at least that's what I keep telling myself.

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