Monday, July 5, 2010

Day 9 of 100 - A quiet day at camp

I don't have any funny stories from today. No earth-shattering news. No exciting happenings or even tales of rotten luck.

Today was a day to rest. The girls slept late since they've gone to bed really late every night since vacation started. We got a slow start then decided to drive over to Branson. Where L had a headache bad enough to make her cry (we turned the A/C vent away from her head and that cured the headache) and the traffic was so horrible that we gave up and just came back to camp. We talked a little about my great-grandmother who grew up in this area, near the tiny town of Blue Eye, MO. The girls spent the afternoon swimming with Dad and the rest of us did laundry and bought groceries. I edited photos while the clothes washed and we watched them on a slideshow tonight after roasting hotdogs and s'mores over the campfire. The girls had showers and I braided L's hair into small braids all over her head so it'll be wavy tomorrow.

Not much to blog about, but it was exactly the quiet day we needed.

I did call the police station to see if I could get any further on getting a copy of the crash report. They seemed to know exactly who I was and what happened to the report, but it can't be fixed until the officer returns from vacation Wednesday.


At least we don't need the car right now and they do seem to be on top of things down at the police station, even if they can't fix them yet. I'll be happy if we can get this whole thing resolved and a plan in place before we get back to Charlotte and actually want to have 2 cars again.

Tomorrow we tackle the enormous job of organizing and packing up, then we'll head off to our friends' house in Oklahoma. Maybe that will offer more exciting blogging material. Of the good kind!

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