Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 8 of 100 - Happy Independence Day!

This morning we were reading up on the local holiday activities around. We had choices. Many choices. Curiously enough, no parades were listed, but there were plenty of small town festivals.

The ever-thoughful Mr. at Home decided to let the girls choose. Did they want to go to a full day festival with a small fireworks show OR stay at camp and do our own games then go to a really big fireworks show? They immediately chose the big show.

We had an awesome day here at camp. There was a corn hole tournament (Grandad won),

a water balloon toss (Grandad won again),

hot potato (and again, it was Grandad),

and some pool games in the freezing water (those were won by Kate). We had a photo shoot and I took tons of pictures.

We made homemade ice cream and ate that for lunch. Not with lunch, as lunch. It's a holiday and vacation, after all.

After a more nutritious dinner of sandwiches, we loaded up and headed out of town to Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge for the fireworks show. It. Was. Awesome! People came in and brought their own fireworks so we enjoyed 3 *hours* of fireworks before the official show even started. And I'll just say that people aren't afraid to drop a whole lot of cash for some good fireworks out here. When we thought it couldn't get better, the official show started and they had some amazing stuff going on. It was loud and bright and impressive.

It was a low-key, hanging out together, fabulous day.

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Anonymous said...

Kate is definitely her Grandmother's Granddaughter!