Saturday, October 11, 2008

We're almost ready

Today has been busy. Not crazy-pull-your-hair-out busy, just enough to do that we stayed active most of the day. There was a van to be picked up, clothes to be washed, bags to be packed, a few last-minute items to pick up at the store, tools to be labeled, miscellaneous stuff to gathered from around the house and organized into the back of the rental, the GPS to be programmed, the neighbors to be told where the cat food is - stuff like that.


Tomorrow morning we're off for Mississippi!

It's a family mission trip and we're headed down with two other homeschool families to do whatever it is that the church down near Biloxi tells us to do. We're told it'll mostly be yardwork since we do have children helping and they're not allowed on the real construction sites. But whatever it is, we're ready with our bug spray and work gloves. Do you *know* how hard it is to find work gloves for tiny preschool hands in October? We ended up with a pair of Hello Kitty winter gloves with heart shaped grippers on the palms and fingers. Naturally, L loves them and they'll make her feel like she's just like everyone else.

I'm told the church has internet access and I'm bringing my laptop so I can post pictures and updates during the week. For now, I've got to shut this baby down and pack it away in my bag because I'd hate to forget my laptop!

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Anonymous said...

Hey there Valerie! I came upon your business card the other day and now here I am on your blog!! How wonderful that you all are on the road helping folks in MS. Best wishes for a wonderful time and safety. I'll add you to my favorites so I will visit more often. Blessings - Dawn