Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

It's the big reveal! The costumes I slaved whole minutes over.


We have Lydia as a butterfly made from last year's leotard, a new pair of purple wings, and some glittery face paint. She fluttered around, flying excitedly from house to house saying "trickertreating!!" until she suddenly had to go to the bathroom and the night was over for her. Ah, the 4-year-old years. Yes, it does seem to go on and on for years.

Kathryn was the much more daring robot. We spray painted a box silver, added some wires, an LED light fixture (that Will had to rewire so the lights were dimmer), and a candy sack integrated right into the costume. In case you're wondering, it was my own invention, taken from an idea that my friend gave me. I took a long piece of fabric, folded it in half, and glued the sides together to make a bag. I pulled the bag through 5x7 picture frame, wrapped the edges around the frame and glued them down. Then it was a bag with a stiff rectangular opening. I cut a hole in the box, stuffed the bottom of the bag inside, and glued the frame to the outside of the opening and viola! A candy receptacle right in the costume! She got a lot of compliments on it.

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