Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I love making costumes...kinda

After the pumpkin carving yesterday, I decided that it was time to start on the costumes. This year both daughters requested things I figured would be easier (cheaper) to make rather than buy. So we pulled out the bag of stuff I bought ages ago and got to work. K had to take frequent and lengthy breaks from her schoolwork to watch and L got excited to try her stuff on and show it off for Daddy.

The "kinda" part comes from the fact that the excitement gets the girls so wired up that they are in everything, constantly talking and offering suggestions, and just generally buggin' the tar outta me. I love them to death, but by the afternoon I was ready to toss them in their rooms and shut the doors. Aaahh! They kept playing with the costumes until things were ready to fall apart and I had to threaten them with their lives. Or at least their trick-or-treating privileges.

On the other hand, the girls are incredibly supportive and just kept saying how they had the *best* costumes and this is Kathryn's *favorite* costume ever! It is pretty cool, but you'll just have to wait until Friday for the big reveal.

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