Saturday, October 25, 2008

New Home Tour - Part 2

My house was all clean all at the same time yesterday, so I quickly snapped some pictures to memorialize this rare moment in history. So to continue this tour of our home (and not overwhelm one post with a ton of pictures), I present The Bedrooms!!

Our bedrooms are all at the back of the house with windows facing the beautiful woods behind us, which are currently deepening in fall colors that make it an amazing panorama.

Downstairs, we have the master suite. It's a large room dominated by a king-sized bed covered in a new soft dark brown duvet. Eventually, the walls will be painted and the color scheme will be brown and robin's egg blue and there will be some shelves on the wall, but that can wait. For now, we'll just have a bed decorated with tiny stuffed animals.

As I said we moved Mr. at Home's desk down to the room and he's digging his new quarters by the open window. Where it's quieter. Where he isn't interrupted by one daughter's school and the other daughter's play. Yep, I can see why he likes it.

At the top of the stairs are the doors leading to the girls' rooms. Hanging in front of one door is this decoration:Can you guess who claims this room?

That's right! It's K! Someone commented last night that you tell when a girl starts to grow up because she wants to hang stuff in front of her door. Inside you will notice that K is not exactly a minimalist. In fact, both my kids seem to think that the more stuff they have on display, the better. But it's a fun room and K seems to enjoy it.

Across the hall is L's room. I asked her multiple times "Is your room clean?" "Is it perfectly clean?" "Are all the toys, paper, and pretzels off the floor?" Obviously her interpretations of these questions are different from mine. But at least you can see the girly, princess stylings preferred by my youngest daughter.

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Valerie said...

Cute rooms!! My kids aren't minimalists either. How'd the dinner party go?

We moved recently too and I'll be so glad to have it decorated. My problem is that I keep changing my mind about what I want.