Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A thank you gift or two

Our mission trip to Mississippi was filled with helping others, but we were also blessed in turn by many, including two special people that I wanted to give a little extra special thank you. And what better way to give that extra special thank you than by doing something creative and personal? It's not like being crafty is a sacrifice on my part or anything, you know.

So the first thank you goes to our new neighbors who took care of our cat and watched over our home in general while we were gone. We've only known them a couple of months and they were still nice enough to do it, so I wanted to so something nice for them. They're a young couple and this is their first house, so I made them a fall wreath. I can't imagine they have much in the way of seasonal decor and nothing says "home" quite like a wreath on the door. The girls helped pick out the decorations that would go on the wreath and I put it together. Isn't it beautiful?

The second person we wanted to send an extra special thank you is the lady who owned the house we spent most of last week working on. Bev's such a nice person and she's been out of her house for over three years now and the reconstruction is finally coming to end, hopefully, by the end of the year. I was looking for something fun to do with the girls and my parents over the weekend and our contact at the church said Bev worked at a neat place called Ship Island. When Bev found out we were interested in going, she insisted on providing us with free passes. Ship Island was beautiful and we had so much fun walking along the beach and playing in the sand. For her thank you, we had to stay small and sturdy since we have to ship it, so I found a wooden wreath and decorated it with tiny tools. I do hope she'll be able to hang it on her tree in her own home this Christmas.

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