Thursday, October 23, 2008

Repurposing a room

We've been in our new home 2 months. That's plenty of time to decide what's working and what isn't and do some rearranging. Like we did today.

Today, we

- moved Mr. at Home's desk from the loft down to the master bedroom where it's quieter for him to work during the day

- moved the TV with all it's players and game systems into the loft, making the girls ecstatic over having a "game room"

- rearranged the living room since there's more room without the TV stuff

I've spent the last two days cleaning and the timing worked well to get the rearrangement done and try something different.

So why am I cleaning?

Because we're having our first guests tomorrow night! A friend is graduating from the police academy and we're hosting a little get-together afterward in celebration. As of 5:45 tomorrow night, my whole house has to be clean and I think I should be able to get it all done without too much stress tomorrow. I hate stressing before an event with the frantic last-minute cleaning and I hate stressing during the event by trying to make sure everything is going smoothly. So I'm keeping things simple and I plan to spend at least as much time sitting and talking as I spend in the kitchen. It helps that it looks like we're only going to have a few people which is perfect.

I *promise* to get pictures of the rest of the house that I didn't get around to last time I planned to give you a photo tour. At least you'll get to see the new arrangement and not the old.

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