Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"THEY" were out to get me

It was one of those Mondays. One of those Mondays when the oddest, most frustrating things happen. When they happen to YOU.

The day started off well enough. We got up and I started my normal Monday morning chore of collecting laundry from various and sundry odd locations around the house. Then I remembered that I needed to deal with bills and if I didn't get started then, I would never get back to it. I popped open my laptop only to discover that my online banking had completely lost all my bill information.


So I spend 30 minutes getting bounced between various and sundry customer service people who assured me that they understood how frustrating it must all be for me, but they couldn't help and I needed to call yet another number. In the end, Mr. at Home finally got hold of them and resolved it as I was already late in taking Child #2 to dance class. Of course, it will take several days to fix the problem plus more work on our end.

That was Weird Issue #1.

This afternoon I had to make a trip across town to pick up a package from the main UPS distribution center because they (unlike Domino's) don't know where I live. When I got the box, I noticed that it wasn't in the best shape, but I didn't think too much of it. I got the box home, popped it open, and discovered that the big copper fire bowl we ordered had a dent in the side that was *several inches* deep. It would have taken a significant blow to cause that much damage. Again I found myself dealing with customer service people who assured me that they understood my frustration, but I needed to call just one more person and she would be happy to help me. That number led to "Ester" who's voice mail asked me to leave a message. We'll have to see how that one works out.

And so we had Weird Issue #2.

Which brings us to Weird Issue #3.

Since Daddy was going to be gone tonight and Mommy needed a break, I promised the girls we could rent a movie at the local $1 rental box. Which let me select a movie for the girls and a movie for me. And made me wait 5 minutes only to never actually vend the movies. The manager then came over and had me try it again. Which only meant I had to wait another 5 minutes while the box decided that nope, it just didn't feel like giving me my movies. It never let me know whether it took responsibility for it's laziness, either. Now I have to call the company and convince them that I don't have the movies, so I can't return them on time or anytime and I had better not be charged for them.

Curiously enough, my day really was good and I managed to keep a good attitude through most of it. It was just all weird stuff and it's really weird that it all happened on the same day. If I didn't know better, I say it was a big conspiracy and blame it on "THEM".

If you ever figure out who "THEY" and "THEM" are, please let me know.

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