Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Beach?? or The Beach!!

This week has been difficult with Mr. at Home having a stressful work week with long hours and something going on every evening. When he announced that he would be away most of next week on a business trip, I knew something was going to have to happen so that the girls and I survive even more "just us" time.

This morning I hit upon a possible solution.

For the past three years, we've spent a weekend at the beach at the end of September. It's off-season, not too crowded, and still warm enough to enjoy while not being so hot you feel like you're melting. We also camp at a Christian family campground right on the beach so we walk down to the beach, play all day, then walk back and relax around the campfire. The first year was just K and I and it went very well. Year #2 was K and L and I and that trip included a midnight excursion to Wal-Mart for a new air mattress, the reality that I packed way too much stuff, and the declaration that it would be years before I tried that again. Year #3 included the welcome addition of Mr. at Home and things went much more smoothly.

Now we're at Year #4 and it's back to just us girls. When I mentioned the possibility of going to the beach to Mr. at Home, he made a surprising suggestion. And when I followed through on that suggestion, I made an amazing discovery.

It's just as cheap to stay in an oceanfront hotel as it is to stay in the campground.

Hello?!?! Why have I been torturing myself camping alone with small children when I could have been showering off the sand in a real shower?? No van full of camping equipment or relying on a child to help you wrestle the tent. No sand, sand, and more sand in everything. No worrying about whether or not it rains. Not that I don't enjoy camping and love the place we camp there, but camping's a lot of work!

Now the question is, do I go with the ultra-cheap, but clean and friendly place?


For $10 more a night, do I go with the nicer, family-friendly resort with indoor kiddie pools (notice the multiple poolS) and a Starbucks inside?


Be financially responsible, stay home, and find something to do here? Do I really want to pile into the van, drive 3 1/2 hours, and still be completely responsible for the girls? Of course, the girls are good travelers and they love the beach.

Any opinions? Anyone want to go with me?


Kristin @ Blue Skies said...

I'm not a parent, so I can't give an opinion from that point of view...however, I would say GO! I remember so well our family trips to the beach to squeeze in the last of summer. :)

Oh, and I would spend the extra $10!

Angela said...

As a parent who understands the monotony I'd say get the nicer hotel. $10 more a night for all that is amazing and the kids will enjoy it more than the possibly freezing water.

As the parent who just bought a house/town I'd say stay home.

But...if you go, get the multiple pools place.

MCM Mama said...

Go for the extra $10 and have a wonderful time. You'll all enjoy the break.