Thursday, September 4, 2008

Good grief, I've gotten out of the habit of writing!

I can't believe my last post was Monday. What under the sun have I been doing that has kept me from writing?

Ok, I've had a really busy week with fall activities starting up and that whole unpacking thing. But, still! I would've thought I'd have made time to write (how's that for passive voice?).

So, here I am. Writing. Typing. Hummmm, what to say... Yep, I'm definitely out of practice.

I have spent much time this week reading opinions on Sarah Palin from both sides of the political track. Since I have friends from both sides of that track who are very passionate about their side, I have tried to stay out of it. I will say that the media and blogosphere have been caustic in their abuse and I pray that Mrs. Palin has thick skin. She seems pretty tough, though, so I worry more about the friendships that are being strained because people are talking/writing before they put think and reacting in anger and judgment. I do think it's interesting that a VP choice is causing more of a stir than the Prez choice.

On the home front, today I have run out of motivation to clean another surface or unpack another box. Instead I am sitting in front of my computer with a bag of chocolate, but I blame it on the hormonal surges that come around once a month. The girls are also on an energy low. They've been kinda grumpy and quiet all day and K is complaining again of a headache. She's been having them fairly often lately and I'm thinking I may have to take her in to get her eyesight checked. The headaches have coincided with school starting and a new interest in reading, so maybe they're related or maybe she's just being overly dramatic.

I am proud to report that K is following in my steps and has become a book worm. She is devouring the Spiderwick Chronicles and is constantly asking to go to the library because she blows through a book in no time flat. I promised her that if she actually read the Spiderwick Chronicles books, I would let her write the author an email (I have friends in the right places :-)). Well, she's finished them so I have to get off and let her write the email.

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Valerie said...

Reading is great!! I am hoping that Makiah is like me and eventually falls in love with reading. Right now, she does it so much for school, she doesn't see how much fun it is. I was the same way. Good for K for all that reading!!

I stay out of political talk too, just too volatile.