Saturday, September 27, 2008

A few pictures from K's party

If you want the absolute easiest birthday party ever, follow these simple rules.

1. Make sure your kid's two friends that she can invite are the absolute best behaved kids you have ever seen.

2. Plan only a few simple activities that you get them started on and then leave them to it. They can take care of themselves at this stage and have more fun without you anyway.

K wanted a slumber party and she met up with her two friends at the park one day and they planned the MOST AMAZING webkinz party. They had games planned and rules set and they were ready to go.

Our party prep included buying a few party favors and...ummm...that was it. I picked the girls up early Thursday and we all went to SuperTarget to pick a cake out of the bakery case (hey, we were planning to put on our own webkinz figurines that would then become party favors so we didn't need some custom $50 tower of confectionary delight) and find some snacks. They had an awesome monkey cupcake thing ripe for the picking. K also spent her giftcard from Aunt Bethany to buy a pink saucer chair that she's been wanting forever.

We came home, the girls played around, they did a craft, we ordered pizza (yea! Domino's knows where we live even if UPS doesn't!), did the whole cake thing, then set the kids up with laptops upstairs to play WEBKINZ! Cause nothing's better than WEBKINZ! Every 8 year old loves WEBKINZ! Some Camp Rock, some "go to your room and don't make too much noise", and the night was over. The next morning, we were down to 1 guest and when the kids asked what to eat for breakfast, I told them, heck we had more cupcakes. Thus I earned the title "Coolest Mom EVER".

It was truly the absolute easiest birthday party ever.

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