Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I have finally accepted a universal truth

You cannot have children *and* and fully clean house.

I have been trying for the past month to get pictures of the new house. I unpacked, I arranged, I cleaned, and I could never get it all done at one time. So I have conceded defeat. My whole house will simply not be picture worthy all at one time. Really, it's a small price to pay for the joy of children. One of whom had to sit in one spot on my bedroom floor for awhile this afternoon because she could NOT STOP TALKING and K was trying to take a test.

Gotta remember the "joy" part.

So I cleaned the bathrooms, the laundry room, and the kitchen and I mean the deep cleaning kind of cleaning. In celebration, I took some pictures so that you could see at least part of my house.

First we have the master bath. Heck, it was closest so it got cleaned first. You'll notice that it is very white and bare. Don't worry I have an idea or two up my sleeve once next August rolls around and I can paint.

Next let's venture upstairs to the girls' bathroom. We choose a new decorating theme when we moved so the girls are now enjoying a beach style bathroom. I installed the lower towel bar so L would have a place for her towel that she could reach. The thing I love about this bathroom is there is TONS of storage, including a closet filled with shelves. That will come in handy when we have two teenage girls.

You'll notice as we come down the stairs the bead decoration that L draped along the banister. She was very proud of her artistic skills until Daddy made her take it down at bedtime.

Downstairs, we see the kitchen. Please pretend not to notice that I angled the shot so you can't see into the breakfast-nook-turned-home-office as I haven't finished organizing that. Just let your eyes be dazzled by the sparkling countertops and appliances.

Just past the kitchen is the hallway to the garage. On the right, is the guest bathroom. Again, it's a lovely, clean white while it waits for paint and decorative shelves for two small vases of tulips. On the left is the laundry room. Please don't drool in jealousy over my fancy washer and dryer; I just cleaned that floor.

Tomorrow is another day and another chance to get some more cleaning done. Maybe I'll even have the pictures to show for it. Just don't ask to see the rooms that were clean for today!

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