Saturday, May 8, 2010

Puppy raiser news

Today I have to brag just a little bit on my puppy.

Usually, Cindy Jae is the absolute worst behaved dog at training meetings. She won't listen, won't follow commands without some...encouragement, is always trying to get to the other dogs, and is always getting up out of whatever position she's supposed to be in. There was one particularly rough meeting where I had a sore hand for 2 days afterwards from where it has been rubbed raw pulling Cindy Jae back with the leash. I got a new softer leash after that.

Cindy Jae is now 7.5 months old. Once she turned 6 months, she started to calm down a bit. She started leaving stuff alone a little more and jumping up a little less. She's had a few rough days here and there, but she is more even-keeled overall. It wasn't until this week that I've actually *enjoyed* having her here. I wasn't constantly worried about what she was going to destroy or eat next. I could give her more freedom at home and worry less about her behavior when we were out.

Today at the puppy meeting, Cindy Jae behaved beautifully. I don't think I can fully convey the surprise and relief that I felt when she responded quickly to commands and wasn't distracted by the other puppies walking around her. She didn't pull me around the walking trail and she stayed quietly by me whenever we stopped. She wasn't perfect, naturally, but she was easily one of the best behaved today.

I don't claim any credit for the change in Cindy Jae's behavior. There wasn't any intense training going on around here. We have been out and about pretty regularly as I've noticed that she's much better behaved when she gets more time out working; she gets bored here at home. I think her improved behavior is just an age and maturity thing. Maybe it's all finally clicking.

Of course, now that I've praised her here, tomorrow she'll be horrible. Or maybe Monday. We spent all day outside with training and then swimming at a friend's house and Cindy Jae is *exhausted*. Tomorrow, she'll probably sleep most of the day, but then she'll be ready and raring to go come Monday morning.

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Brandon - The dog with a blog said...

Glad to hear Cindy Jae is doing good.

It will be great to see her (and all the other dogs) in a couple weeks. Once I get my new puppy I'll be going back to puppy class!

I can't believe Cindy Jae & her litter are already that old. It seems like just last week they were the "new guys"!

See you in a couple weeks!

Never knew you had a blog :)
Toby's Raiser