Monday, May 17, 2010

How I deal with stress

Today was a really good/really bad day.

Confused yet?

The homeschool yard sale was postponed *after* we drove across town, but now I have time to get more stuff ready to sell on Friday.

L was overexcited and chatty, but I did get a few mommy breaks by spending a few minutes chatting with a friend when I dropped off a bag of outgrown clothes for her little girl and letting L play for an hour at McD's for lunch.

At the fabric store, I had to continually remind L not to sit on the fabric or run or yell or run into people, but I got some great pieces of fabric that I love.

I had to take 3 different antihistamines today to deal with the hives, but they did work and it wasn't a *bad* breakout. Just a persistent one.

I tried to take a nap (darn antihistamines) and was interrupted every. 2. minutes., but I did get up in time to make it to dance.

L had the first of *6* dance commitments this week, but I did go through the Starbucks drive thru for a chai tea latte.

I didn't have anything planned for dinner, but my wonderful Mr. at Home picked up dinner on his way home and got everything ready.

After dinner, I washed down the table and pulled out my sewing stuff. That's how I deal with stress. I make something. I paint or make cards or crochet. Tonight I used some of the fabric I bought and some from my stash and I created a bag.

(Hummn, my house looks remarkably clean from this picture. Don't worry, it's just an illusion.)

I loosely followed the instructions for a pattern I have for a purse and kinda copied a bag I have that I like and made a large bag. All the seams are finished or hidden. It's lined in a beautiful textured brown silky fabric I had left over from a skirt I made for K. It's the perfect size for carrying books or notebooks and I plan to sell it at the used curriculum sale Friday. While homeschoolers are among the most prepared and organized people I know, there are plenty who forget to bring their own bag for their purchases. Yes, I do plan to take advantage of their forgetfulness . I also got some other fabric and will be making more bags between now and Friday.

If you want one, come to the homeschool yard sale Friday and find me. Or you can request it from my blog and I'll just ship it to you.

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