Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ok, I got that all out of my system

(I apologize in advance for the picture quality. It's dark and I took these with my camera phone as I was too tired to go get my real camera.)

On Monday, I went to the fabric store and made a bag that night.

This one.

Once I get started sewing, I have a hard time stopping. It's just so cool to see an idea that you had in your head become reality. So on Tuesday, I made another bag. Same idea, completely different look. This one is a floral fabric of black on cream paired with black denim bottom and handles, a black ribbon accent, and a black crepe(at least I think that's what this fabric is called) lining. I even added a black twig dangle because it looked cool.

Then Wednesday morning, I started another bag. This one is a fun floral print that matches a sunhat I made myself last year. It has striped accent fabric and a lime green ribbon and cotton lining. Then I added a large lime green button which L thought was really cute.

And Wednesday afternoon, I made one more bag. This one is made completely out of material I had in my stash. It has a bright patterned corduroy body and a heavy blue canvas bottom and handles and yellow canvas top. I lined it with the blue canvas since I didn't have any other matching fabric, so it's a really good sturdy bag.

I love all these bags. They're all well-constructed with heavy fabrics and strong seams so they can take a lot of use and abuse without losing their shape. The handles are long enough that you can carry the bags over your shoulder and they're big enough to hold a whole lot of library books, schoolwork, or beach towels. My favorite thing about them is that they each have such different personalities. You can own one of these beauties for the low, low price of $25.

I walked around for two days with my measuring tape around my neck because every piece had to be measured and cut and ironed and stitched *exactly* the right length. I officially felt like a seamstress. But all that persnickety work left me exhausted and that's all the bags I'm making for now. I finally put away the sewing box and threw away the last of the scraps. There are only 4 bags, so you'd better speak up now if you want one. Actually, if you think you'd like one, I could force myself to get out my *real* camera and take a better photo for you. You're worth it ;-)

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