Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Rambles

Today, I slept in.

Ok, more accurately, I got up at 6:40 and gave K her spelling pre-test, signed her reading record, gave her permission to just buy her lunch at school, promised to bring her basketball shorts to school after I dried them, and sent her off to the school bus. I also took the dog out and got L settled for awhile, then I went back to bed. Now that it's bright sunshiny out by 6:30am, everyone but me thinks that we should get our day started. I've been good all week about getting up, but today just wasn't one of those days.

K was chosen to be part of the student basketball team for a little game against the teachers at an "EOG Pep Rally". EOG is End-of-Grade testing and it starts Monday. Since K was playing, I took L and Cindy Jae up to the school to attend the pep rally. CJ sat very patiently while we waited for the secretary to make sure the principal was okay with having a dog at the pep rally (she was) then as soon as we got in and sat down near the door, CJ started to freak out just a bit. The floor was slippery and the noise was deafening and it was more than enough to stress out even adventurous CJ. And when CJ gets stressed out, she poops. Thankfully, I'm finally getting better at catching the signs before the actual pooping begins and I hauled her quickly out of the gym and then had to carry her the last few steps outside, but she made it. I took her back inside where she tried to pull me down the hall in her hurry to get back to the gym and she did awesome the rest of the pep rally. Having a guide dog puppy is always an adventure.

She is currently napping under the table at my feet.

Wait, nope, I moved to look at her and she walked over to curl up in her crate to sleep. I guess my little movement was just too disturbing.

Wait again, L just trotted downstairs, threw a dog toy into the crate, and went back upstairs. CJ just moved back under the table in disgust. I guess she felt she needed my protection from the tiny menace who came all the way downstairs for the express purpose of annoying her.

All that to say that the pep rally wore the puppy out.

Tomorrow K's softball tournament starts. We get to drive all the way across town to play in the morning. Actually, Mr. at Home gets to take at least one child to the softball game. CJ has training at the same time in the opposite direction. If K's team wins, they come home. If K's team loses, they play again in the same location in the afternoon, so I'll make the trek waaaay across town to make that game and bring snacks.

Next week is parent observation week at L's dance studio. We get a preview of their recital routine, have the opportunity to videotape it, and we get their costume. L is over the moon excited to see what her costumes look like. She has been asked to try out for the competition team next year. Still not sure about that. I can see that L is very good at the whole dance thing and she loves to do it. It might be a great chance for her to make friends, have the responsibility of being on a team, and help her to mature a bit. But then there's the fact that she's just 6. I do trust our studio to NOT do the whole mini-hoochie-mama thing that I've seen from other friends who have daughters on dance teams. Our studio has a very strict, modest dress code and I've been impressed with what I've seen of their dance team in the past. There's supposed to be a parent meeting soon about the whole thing, so...we'll see.

I got a very cool new stereo for my van as my Mother's Day gift. The front aux input kept breaking loose on my old one and the wires were too short to keep re-soldering. The new one has a front aux and a front USB connection. It's also an HD radio, which has been fun exploring all the new station possibilities out there. But the coolest thing about my radio? You can change the color of the light-up buttons and the display. Separately. Right now the buttons are purple and the display is green. Just because I can.

What does it say about me that I'm most excited about the changing colored lights?

Poor Mr. at Home is having technology upgrade envy. I got a cool new phone then a cool new stereo. He does, however, have a chunk of change from his teaching job just waiting for that next cool new gadget. Anyone got any good suggestions?

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