Saturday, May 1, 2010

Not my favorite day ever

I'm going to whine just a bit.

This morning I got up with just enough time to finish straightening up the house before one of K's teammates came over. We were returning a favor and giving her a ride to the softball game this morning and I didn't want the house to be a wreck when she got here. When I got up and dressed, I discovered that the dog had...messed up...her crate last night. So I had to put the dog bed in the washer, disinfect the crate, the bathe the dog. Which meant I had to work on laundry because I had run out of baskets in which to store the clean clothes. The wonderful Mr. at Home did most of the folding while I tried to make up for lost time and prioritized the cleaning. I got most of what had to be done finished before B got here and thankfully, her mom was in a hurry and didn't come inside.

Whew! Saved by a cell phone call!

I continued a little cleaning, finished getting ready, and took the girls over to the ballfields, with a quick run through Sonic first. Because it was hot. And I didn't want the girls to dehydrate. I just got myself a large iced keep them company. While the girls were off warming-up, I sat and watched a 6U softball game. Those little girls are just so cute! There's no umpire, they don't keep score, and there are several adults on the field to tell the girls what to do. I talked to some of the parents sitting there, including one guy I *know* I know from somewhere. It's so frustrating when I see someone "out of place" as it were and I can't remember how I know them. There was also a mom from L's dance class last year and we talked until their game was over and ours was ready to start.

2.5 hours later, the game ended in a tie and I had turned lobster red from sitting directly facing the noontime sun. Ouch.

After a quick lunch, everyone retired to rest, and Mr. at Home fell asleep, but I kept worrying about the dog that I had left loose in the living room. I went to check on her and discovered her surrounded by fluff. I never did figure out what she had pulled the stuffing out of. I put her in her crate and went back to try napping again.

That's when the elephants began their circus routine upstairs.

It boggles my mind that one petite 6-year-old can make that much noise. I gave up the nap idea and went to tell the girls we were going to the store. In the 3 minutes it took to round up the girls, the dog messed up her crate again. This time I took the tray from the bottom of the crate and the dog outside and hosed them both off. And discovered that the hose was leaking. I'd always hated that hose anyway and we were headed to the store, so a new hose was added to the list.

After our store run, we came home and put things away before deciding that the heat and humidity were just too much, so we shut all the windows and turned on the AC for pretty much the first time this year. Not bad when you can wait until May 1 to run the air conditioning.

Meanwhile, the dog messed up her crate for the third time. She's having some serious digestive issues. Back outside went the tray and the dog and I got to put the new hose to work. It's much nicer than the old one.

We had hot dogs for dinner, Mr. at Home took K to the church's movie night, I put L to bed, and finally got a shower. Amazingly, when I got out of the shower, I discovered that the circus elephants were back in full dance mode upstairs. Even after getting in trouble for the same thing last night, L still decided to get up and play after bedtime tonight. So her bedtime will be early all next week.

I am finally propped up in bed with my toenails drying between coats of pearly pink polish. I've got a chick flick from netflix to watch and popcorn to munch. My house is relatively clean, some laundry is done, some softball has been successfully played, my van has new windshield wipers, we have a new hose for outside, the trash has been taken out, and I have a very clean puppy.

Maybe it was a better day than I thought.

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