Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Texas Activities

The trip out was cloudy, rainy, and about an hour shorter than usual - woohoo! We pulled into my parents' driveway at 6:30pm in plenty of time for dinner.

Sunday morning I made my way to the local Doc-in-a-Box for some drugs for a sinus infection that was just beginning to settle in. Heck, I did NOT drive almost 1000 miles just to spend my vacation groaning on the couch! I got a shot, 2 types of pills, and two types of sprays. You'd think I was dying, but they were good drugs and knocked it all out. I did learn one valuable lesson. 2 doses of pseudophedrine will keep you up *all* night long. We spent the day visiting with family and recovering from the long drive because Monday was going to be busy.

Monday was my nephew's birthday - M turned 7. We met my sister's family at the local science museum for a few hours of educational fun, including a picnic outside as the weather got warm enough just in time for lunch. I actually remembered to charge the video camera and had a fun-filled day taking lots of pictures and video. Recently someone commented that they wished they had taken more video of their kids when they were little. I figured I'd better start. I would post pictures, but the connection here just isn't handling it well.

Monday afternoon, we met my future sister-in-law to buy the fabric for the girls' flower girl dresses and Mom has spent the last 2 days sewing it up. The pattern says "easy", but there're three layers of thin slippery fabric to make it all more tricky. I so thankful Mom's willing to do it!

My grandmother has been staying out at my parents' house for the past 2 days as she can't stay alone while she's recovering from surgery. We've watched old westerns and Ben-Hur. The girls have been making art projects and running around outside. L has gone from overexcited and and bashful to becoming Grandmother's faithful little companion. She takes her coloring book and crayons and they color together. L even carries around a stick just like Grandmother's cane and she leans against her every chance she gets. It's such a sweet sight.

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