Friday, March 13, 2009

Head'n for Texas

My parents were coming up to visit for their spring break - their first real trip up here in over a year.

Then my mom called.

My grandmother had to go back in the hospital with an infection in her leg. It was only overnight or so, but she needs someone to stay with her there and at home, so Mom and Dad have to stay put.

Then ensued much whining. On the part of Grandma.

So the girls and I decided that is the grandparents can't come to the mountains, then we can at least take our sunny faces to the grandparents. I've cleaned the house, done the laundry, cleaned the car, and have finished about half the packing. I don't have much time to get the rest done as I need to get to bed early since we're leaving early. Very early. Middle of the night early.

If you happen to think of us tomorrow, pray that the drive will go well and Mommy will stay sane.


jinksto said...

Have fun!! We'll miss you this weekend but what you're doing is so much more important.

Drive safe!

Anonymous said...

We're making that drive next month with 4 of our 5 children. I'm NOT looking forward to it a bit! Hope you all made it safely.