Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Reorgs don't just happen at the office

It all started with a bottle of glue.

And a table.

I put the craft cabinet in the dining room because that seemed to be the most logical place. Unfortunately, that put the glue too close to the table and you know how THAT turned out.

So the craft cabinet had to be moved. We needed a new place for crafts. Maybe the playroom? But there’s carpet in there and that could be bad. So that left the breakfast nook that was currently serving as my office. It was already full.

Well, actually, my desk would work better in the loft where K did her school so I could have a convenient place to work on school stuff. And if I did a little rearranging, there would be room. That would move the desk and a set of shelves out of the breakfast nook, but L’s little desk was still in there. That would need to go in the playroom. With a little bit of rearranging in there, too. That ought to leave enough room for the card table and the craft cabinet.

But the shelves from the breakfast nook made the loft too crowded and they weren’t exactly fancy enough to fit in up there. They would however work fabulously in the little closet with the trash can where I wanted some shelves to store extra paper towels and stuff.

Did you follow that?

1 desk upstairs to loft
1 desk upstairs to playroom
1 set of shelves upstairs to loft THEN downstairs to closet
1 table to the breakfast nook
1 craft cabinet to the breakfast nook

So now I have the furniture moved, but there’s still lots of stuff to do to finish the reorganization. I have some things to find a place for, stools to put together and new organizational containers to hang for the new “craft room”, and plenty of cleaning to make it all DONE.

Well, okay, DONE until something else comes up that necessitates another reorganization. Hopefully, the “something else” doesn’t have anything to do with glue and new furniture!

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