Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring has Sprung!!

It's been beautiful driving around here lately. The daffodils are blowing in the breeze. The trees have burst into bloom with bright shades of pinks and whites. The tulip trees are flaunting their large pink flowers and the redbuds show a bright purple against the dark evergreens.

As I said, beautiful.

But all these colors aren't the only signs of spring.

Monday was Parent Observation Day for L's dance class so we got a preview of the coming recital dances along with dates and times for all the coming events, instructions on dress and make-up and hair buns, and order sheets to spend more money.

Monday night was K's first softball game. We had to rush around getting a mouthguard, fitting it, and picking up her uniform. The team played awesomely well and we won! The rest of the schedule for games and practices has been automatically sent to my electronic calendar and my inbox is filling up with information on team activities and opening day festivities.

Our homeschool group is gearing up for standardized testing. I'm proctoring the 4th grade test, so the orientation meeting is coming soon and in just a few weeks a group of kids will be gathering every morning to show the state that they really are learning something with this whole "homeschooling" thing.

Last night was the first meeting of our neighborhood social committee and we're planning our first activity for 3 weeks from now. It's a block party to take advantage of the warm weather and to be visible to everyone since we're a very new neighborhood and most of the neighbors have never met.

The days are getting warmer, the outdoors is getting colorful, and the calendar is overflowing.

Yep, it's spring all right.

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Anonymous said...

I can feel you. Talking about calendars filling up; Stephen said the 3rd week in June will work. We just need to get some kind of plan together now:)