Sunday, March 1, 2009

The snow keeps on falling

At 8:30, the snow is still coming down thickly and everything outside is covered. The night is absolutely glowing from all the snow. This is the view in our front yard.

And this is the view in our backyard.

It's far more beautiful than pictures can show. I stood on our back porch for a few minutes (as long as my bare toes could stand it) and marveled at how silently the showflakes fell from the sky. It was awesome and magical to see the large flakes appear from the darkened sky to completely transform the bare winter landscape. The girls are probably sitting up in bed this very moment peeking through their windows to catch a glimpse of the snow.

But this is the sight that would interest them the most.

Do you see how much snow is already piled along the top of our fence? Yep, that in itself promises a whole lot of snow fun tomorrow.

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