Monday, March 22, 2010

Saturday Night Louisiana Style

A few weeks back, a friend invited us out for a little get-together at his house. He had a large live shipment arriving from Louisiana and there was going to be a party.

That live shipment arrived and was tossed into a small plastic swimming pool full of salt water.

Can I just say, it was a phenomenal party? A wonderful mix of people hanging out in the backyard enjoying the beautiful weather and a table full of this.





Lots and lots of them.

Some people were a bit suspicious and confused about how one went about eating these things.

But there were plenty around to help out the uninitiated.

After spending some time cracking open shells and tossing extra body parts onto the ground, people stood around talking and laughing.

And spent time getting to know new friends.

Even Angel had a great time.

I caught her going after the crawfish parts on the ground so we had to have a lecture on the potential effects of crawfish shells on the digestive system. She got her disappointment quickly when she discovered that she was a prime target for the affections of certain small children at the party.

Everyone pitched in to clean up then we headed home as the sun set behind the trees. After the ballpark in the morning and a crawfish boil all afternoon and evening, Angel came home and our usually decorous houseguest crashed in a completely undignified position.

She was snoring so loud, Mr. at Home mistook her for an 18-wheeler jake braking outside.

Yep, I agree. It was a really big day and a really great party. Even if I don't eat crawfish.

(For those who asked for access to the pictures, I've uploaded as many as I can to flikr and you can get them at .)

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jinksto said...

Thanks! We were so glad that you could make it. Always fantastic to have you around.