Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Tuesday full of sunshine

Tuesday was a beautiful day. Beautiful. The weather was absolutely perfect - warm, sunny, no wind. Everyone who could find an excuse to get outside was out enjoying the March weather phenomenon.

I called up a friend and we decided that a trip to the uptown children's library was educational enough to count as school for the morning and we met at the light rail station for a little adventure. Angel did well and had absolutely no fear of these big trains moving past just a few feet away.

The kids loved the train. Angel just sprawled out in the middle of the aisle, so I had to reign her in, but not until after I took the picture, of course!

We played outside the library.

And we played inside the library.

The children played on the computers while Angel took a nap. All these kids are exhausting!

By the time we boarded the train for the trip back, my friend's kids had adopted Angel, especially the youngest.

That's one happy dog.

We picked up K from school and came home, but it was just too nice of a day to go inside. We hooked Angel up to the tie-out, then we cleaned the car out before we all went out to the car wash to give the car a quick wash (rain was in the forecast) and a really good vacuum.

Back home, we again stayed outside while I wiped down the inside of the van and cleaned the garage. K did her homework sitting on her skateboard,

L drew on the driveway,

and Angel just watched it all with great interest.

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