Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A photo session with a sassy 9-year-old

Last Thursday, K had to dress up for her school music program and she had to do it right after school because L had dance class and K had to go, too. Seemed like the perfect opportunity since L was in class 45 minutes to get a few nice shots of K looking nice.

K was not exactly impressed with my idea. She wasn't mean or grumpy, just bent on making it difficult. What people who hate to have their pictures taken don't know is that those "don't do that!" photos are far worse than if they'd just sucked it up and smiled the first time.

So here's the photographic evidence of how difficult it is to take a simple picture of a 9-year-old, including actual commentary.

"Let me take your picture."

"No, really. Sit up straight, please."

"I'd like to take a picture of someone wearing shoes, if you don't mind."

"Yes, I'm wearing shoes. Fine, you can take a picture of me after I get a picture of you."

"Will you stop being silly and let me get a picture?"

"Seriously! I just want a picture!"

"Is that really what you want me to send to Grandma?"

"I'm glad you found that funny. Now can you just TRY to look nice?"

"You're a girl. It's okay to look 'pretty' every once in awhile."

"No, I won't wait until you have your softball uniform on. We can do those later. Right now I want a NICE PICTURE!"

"I just want a close-up. Just head and shoulders. No one will even see your skirt!"

"I'm about to make YOU cry!"

"So you found that funny? Come on! Just one nice picture and I'll stop."

"Better. But can I please see some teeth in your smile?"

"Emphasis on the SMILE part, not the TEETH!!"


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