Saturday, March 20, 2010

Taking the puppy "somewhere interesting!"

We had a bowling meeting for the puppies scheduled for today, but something happened with our reservations and they had to cancel it. That stinks as what could be better than a good excuse to go bowling? The puppies get some training, I get to bowl; it's a win-win all around.

Since we had to cancel the meeting, our new instructions were to take our puppy campers on an interesting outing and we get to tell about it at the meeting next Saturday. As a meeter of fact, there WAS another thing I wanted to do today and since bowling was cancelled, my calendar now had a free spot to do it.

This morning we packed everyone into the van and drove over to the stadium where our local AAA baseball team plays. We love to go to minor league games and the Charlotte Knights are fun to watch. Today was their fanfest where they had lots of fun and free stuff planned. Who can beat "free"?!

Angel was very good through it all. She sat quietly at attention through the national anthem (she's very patriotic). She wasn't bothered at all by the mascots. She obediently went up and down stairs, waited in line, and sat quietly watching (and smelling) everything.

One really cool thing K got to do was batting practice out on the field.

She sat in the dugout.

(It's baseball. Something about baseball requires the antique lighting in the photographs.)

She warmed up on deck.

And she got in the cage to swing at a few balls.

It took a few throws for the pitcher to get the ball down to her level, but she made contact with the last pitch and got a good solid crack toward shortstop.

It was awesome! And definitely qualifies as "somewhere interesting!".

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