Sunday, December 13, 2009

The puppy has rocked our world

There are lots of things I knew about having a new puppy, but knowing is not KNOWING and you don't get to KNOWING until the puppy comes home.

And chews up everything she can get hold of.


Wires. Couch arms. Office chairs. Highlighters. Boxes. Drumsticks. Books. Leashes. Tape dispensers. Christmas pins.


We finally were told about bitter apple spray and that has helped. We moved the bookshelves out of the loft where she's confined behind a baby gate. She's spent time in her crate and on a tie-down, which she's not too happy about, but it does keep the destructiveness down some.

On the upside, she's a lot of fun. She's very well behaved except for the chewing thing and loves to play and go places. She's cute and cuddly and makes us exercise a bit more with all the walking.

Which reminds me. One more trip outside and let's hope we wake up to a clean crate in the morning.

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Rebecca, Ely and Joe said...

Glad the bitter apple spray worked