Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cindy Jae and all the kids

Today we took Cindy Jae on another exposure outing. Some friends got together at a local mall playground (the mall playground to put all other mall playgrounds to shame) and we headed over there to let all our poor socially deprived homeschoolers spend time with other kids. Socialization is important, after all.

I packed up Cindy Jae's baby gear - paper towels, wipes, treats, toys, tie-down chain, vest, and a copy of the law that allows us to take her in public places in SC (I swear it's like having a baby all over again), took her for one last walk to make sure she had taken care of all her business, and we headed just down the street to the mall. One last chance to take care of business and we headed inside.

Where Cindy Jae walked in without a care, then promptly pooped on the floor.


I used some of those clean-up supplies then got the girls checked in for the playground. I said it was a monster of a playground, didn't I? They *charge admission*. The girls went to play and Cindy Jae and I joined the other moms at a table nearby. I hooked one end of her tie-down to my chair and the other end to her collar and she sniffed and explored and nipped at everything within reach. She whined just a bit, but was pretty good. After awhile, she settled down and started dozing.

Periodically the children would mess with her and she'd get up and interact for a minute and then find another comfy position on the cold tile floor. She didn't seem to mind it, in fact she spend much of her time stretched out enjoying it. The rest of the time, she was curled up under the table. Like this.

And this.

And sometimes like this.

On the way out, we managed to get one quick shot with most of the kids and Cindy Jae. This exposure part of her training is turning out to be very, very fun.

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