Sunday, December 6, 2009

Getting ready

The girls' schoolwork is planned, printed out, gathered together, and placed in their folders ready to go for the next two days.

The prayer and praise sheets have been typed in and emailed out to my Sunday Bible Study class.

A new roll of doggie bags has been put in the dispenser that hangs on the leash.

My clothes are washed and ready to be tossed in the dryer.

And I'm about to go relax and spend the evening with my wonderful Mr. at Home.

Bright and early tomorrow morning - I'm off!

I'm packing a bag and my camera, turning the radio up loud, and heading down to Atlanta for a couple of days of rest, rejuvenation, and a book signing by one of my favorite bloggers. I plan to stop at an old friend's new doughnut shop and enjoy creations made by a highly talented pastry chef and her chef husband. I plan to get in a little Christmas shopping. I plan to turn off the to do list and the responsibilities and the availability for a little while.

Mostly, I plan to enjoy myself. I'm looking forward to meeting The Pioneer Woman and chatting with a bookstore full of women.

But for now, I'm heading downstairs to spend a little more time with those I'll be missing while I'm gone.


Ebbie said...

ohhhhhhhhh!! envy!!!!!

i will be living vicariously through you, my friend!

have a wonderful time-


Valerie said...

How wonderful that you are getting (or should I say, got) away. That's wonderful!! I hope you had a good time.